2021 Sponsorship Opportunities

RMRC is a non-profit 501 (C) (6) organization. RMRC relies heavily on sponsorship dollars, annual membership and conference fees to fund on-going operations. Sponsorship provides service providers with a great opportunity for exposure at events and on the RMRC website. Your support is greatly appreciated.

To become a sponsor, please complete an application or contact Sponsorship Chair Jason Exley at 720-489-4613 or [email protected].

Sponsorship Application

Terms and Conditions

  • Sponsorship payments are due by January 1, 2021. Payments received after January 25, 2021 may be subject to additional fees.

  • Logos must be submitted to RMRC Sponsorship Committee Chair by February 8, 2021 to ensure  inclusion on RMRC signage.

  • RMRC has adopted a No Solicitation Policy All attendees are prohibited from soliciting business in any fashion at RMRC functions to ensure the forum for interaction remains open and free from bias.

  • Marketing collateral and tables must be in place at least 20 minutes prior to event start time.

  • Peak Plus sponsors must provide one-page marketing flyer by the announced deadline date to ensure distribution.

  • Sponsorship commences on the latter of January 1st of calendar year or date sponsorship funds are received.

  • Sponsorship is for one calendar year – all sponsorship benefits end on December 31st of the year for which sponsorship is purchased regardless of purchase date.

  • Sponsorship is not transferrable.

  • RMRC cannot store excess marketing collateral prior to or after any event.

  • RMRC reserves the right to make changes to sponsorship levels and benefits each year.

  • Sponsor logo signage may or may not be displayed at all events, at the discretion of RMRC.