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Our Mission - To engage, inspire and educate global mobility and like-minded professionals, through a combination of time, talent and treasure.

raising support for Food Bank of the Rockies

The RMRC raffle for Food Bank of the Rockies lead to 1,320 meals!  Thanks to everyone who supported RMRC's chairty in a time where support is down and the needs are up.  This fundraiser normally would have been part of the spring conference, but while we cannot currently meet in person, we can still make a difference.

If you are interested in furthe opportunities, you can volunteer with FBR or donate to them directly.  Note that volunteering is COVID-19 safe and your help would be welcome - volunteers have dropped by half and the need has doubled.  If you donate, know that $1 creates four meals (and $21 feeds a fmaily of four for a month).

Due to COVID-19, we currently do not have any events scheduled.

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